Intimate cancer

cancer vagina 

cancer vagina is the first to be the world and the fifth in Spain.

The possible reason is tobacco. Its relationship with major exposures (such as metal, color or gym) and human papillomaviruses.

Stomach cancer

stomach cancer

Spin Cancer generally has between six and six percent. There are a total of 723,000 deaths worldwide. Although the correct reason is unexpected, there seems to be some low food factors in tobacco, fruits and vegetables for some diseases and diseases.

Kidney cancer

Kidney cancer

According to SEOM, a 3 percent increase in more than 4,000 cases of cancer cancer.

It is not certain that factories that make decisions, various types of factories, that analyze analytical cereals or cereals of sexual cereals and fibers, and some common genetic diseases, such as Fan Heplil a Moapa, Codium and Estozus. Travelers or Troops

Pancreatic cancer

pancreatic cancer

Pancake cancer has a high mortality rate, with more than 4,000 patients in Spain.

Although there are specific specific reasons, there are some fascinating aspects that show: advanced age, genetic, sexual, race, tobacco, diet or diabetes.

Non-hodgkin lymphoma


Due to the diagnosis, 3 to 10 cases are 100,000 living in a lymphoma without syrup, which actually originates anywhere in the body.

Although obviously not in danger, it is part of the body’s microscopy and loses the agent. For them, we can determine the measurement of immunological problems, the cure and stability over the years and the estimation of disorders.

Liver cancer

affected liver

What is it?

Canine cancer is the disease of the cancer in the portions of Pretex or Conscus Cancer. Hepatitis cancer is actually known as cognitive (primary hepatic cocerut) or isotota and poster, and is an important range of slopes.

The liver is a very large organ within the body, and its most important functionality is as follows:

.Bloody things must be kept in the blood, as they can be transmitted to the skin and urine of the body.

.Make it easy to help digestive digestive foods.

.The body is storing the food that the body uses to be energy efficient.

.Bloody things must be kept in the blood, as they can be transmitted to the skin and urine of the body.

Produce bile to help digestion of food fats. Store the sugar that the body uses for energy.

When it is shown that hepatitis B and hepatitis C, a type of cancer agreement of this type, using large amounts, enter the main risk factors, they will be affected by grooves, hemochromosis, mobility or diabetes. 

However, it is only a valid way for these elements to affect normal patterns in conservatives that are partially considered.

The onset of cancer is to prevent diabetic acid or damage to cellular DNA. 

Each of the DNA chemists is a chemical mixture. Despite increasing information about the physical appearance, what does Jane do when they grow up, when they participate and seal the cells. Inrogenous genes that control well and divide, and generally dedicated, that slow cell division or kill cells at the right time. 

Cancer can be done in turn, allowing DCNs to activate the genus Take Sprisser.

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