Easy and secure enterprise storage with Enter Cloud

Optimal file and document management in a shared environment has become a need for more and more people. The advent of solutions such as Dropbox and Skydrive is a testament to this, but the misuse of such tools, including the storage and sharing of sensitive commercial files, is a cause for concern. Once again, the cloud can provide a concrete response to the unavoidable need to securely manage and share professional documents.

A solution to the problem comes from Enter Cloud Suite – an Italian provider of cloud services ranging from computing to object storage – that integrates a dedicated enterprise storage service into its suite of cloud services that it aims to provide a tool for companies – especially interested in the security and confidentiality of their data – can be answered.

Through the Corporate Storage service, in fact, you can store, manage, synchronize and share large amounts of files and documents across any type of device (PC, smartphones and tablets) with peace of mind thanks to the security of a redundant infrastructure and encryption system that ensures the confidentiality of the data exchanged in the system (the secure transfer of data is guaranteed by the secure sockets layer SSL protocol – and the use of RSA encryption from 4096 bits).

How does that work?

You must be subscribed to the Enter Cloud Site platform to use the enterprise storage service. After registering, you can access the service and test your goodness for free by taking advantage of the 2Gb of free space provided according to each new user.

Once you have subscribed the easiest way to take advantage of your space is to use Space Organizer, the web console provided by Enter through which you can manage the different aspects of the service in a similar way to what happens through the Dropbox web interface or other similar services.

Thanks to Space Organizer, in fact, you will be able to access the company data stored in the system, organize them into folders (as with a common file manager), share entire files or folders and manage collaboration between different users … all this without sacrificing the security and confidentiality of corporate data thanks to a centralized system that allows you to set differentiated access permissions for individual users or exchange files through links protected by password or with a precise expiration time.

The strength of Space Organizer, in my opinion, is especially in this: in the ability to combine the extreme simplicity of use (the interface is really very intuitive and is easy even in the first accesses) with those strict security criteria typical of business solutions that help make it an ideal product, especially in professional fields and differentiate it from many collaborative tools designed for the consumer.

Why use Enter Cloud Suite enterprise storage?

because companies can offer their employees a secure tool to store and exchange files of any type and size;

because your data is safe from any hardware or storage media issues you choose;

Because files and documents are always accessible, without restrictions related to specific locations or access to certain local networks;

because the data is always synchronized on all devices: you can work on a document with your office computer and resume work at home via your tablet with always the most up-to-date version of the file;

because you can manage your data through your smartphone or tablet thanks to special apps for Android and iOS;

because you can easily share your data with anyone and safely;

because you can use the service with a common FTP client with WebDAV protocol support (such as CyberDuck and BitKinex);

Because you can interact with other business tools with active Diectory or LDAP authentication.

How much is

As mentioned, the service can be tested without spending a penny using the free 2Gb offered at the time of registration. Of course, when 2Gb is not enough you will have to buy an additional package of space with cuts ranging from 100Gb to 30Tb. For those interested in having multi-user access (particularly useful in an office) the available options range from 2 users of the 500 Gb package to 125 users of the maximum size package.

As for the prices, the Enter offer is very interesting: the 100Gb package, for example, has an annual cost of 37.80 euros (but you can also subscribe for a single month at a cost of 3.50 euros) versus 99 euros for Dropbox and 59 euros for Google Drive. Also on the subject of prices it is worth highlighting the possibility to pay for the additional space for different periods of time (1 month, 1 year or 2 years) with greater comfort as the duration of the contract increases.

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