cancer virus

According to the World Health Organization (WHW), there is a disease caused by 13 million people in the world, which often offers another reason for the death of the general population.

The study of the study is one of these, through the numbers of cancer in Spain (2010), Medical AOLOLOGY (SOM) Spinical Society (SEOM), indicates that the formula of continuous formula in the patient is likely to be in progress. Treatment and initial diagnosis.

When we talk about cancer, we talk against spin-martin, against more than 200 types of diseases, anti-inflammatory antibodies and sponsoring organizations (reports from the Canary Islands).

Colon cancer

It is the most common in Spain and most of the most committed in the world. However, this can be made easier for the initial search, it is an easy way to translate at higher treatment rates.

This type of cancer can occur through 5 main things: Elderly (65 years), most of the coldest and poor in fiber, inherited genetic conditions, colonial or rectangular polyps, al-Islamist advice, uterus or leaf neurons. Have a good life

Prostate cancer

Prostate cancer

The internal cancer prototype is very common, with 27853 new cases every year.

Generally related to genital, hormonal, environmental factors (caricature smoke, pollution, chemistry, etc.) and sexual transport.

Breast cancer

Breast cancer

Among women, it is with the highest levels of cancer and high levels of cancer. Although more than 99% of women diagnosed in women, blood cancer also appears in men.

Although the reasons why they are not yet known are known, many risk factors have been identified, such as family history of Pet Cancer, plus factors (primary rule, late rewriting, etc.), which are affected by cancer. . Use genealogy, high pneumonia, ionic radios, motorcycles and alcohol consumption.

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